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Renée Feldman Headrick, B.S., M.A. - Exercise PhysiologistExercise Physiologist Renée Feldman Headrick B.S. M.A. is one of the first Personal Trainers in the country. She is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine which is the gold standard in fitness. Her company, No Time Fitness specializes in helping busy people fit exercise into their lives. She is an authority on cellulite reduction.

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Excellence In Custom Tailored Personal Training


Renée was one of the very first Personal Trainers in the United States. In addition to her fine education, she has trained 100’s of people and taught every kind of class from yoga to hip hop dance. She treats each client as an individual and helps them to identify their needs and goals. With this knowledge, she creates programs that are easy to integrate into their busy lives.

Zumba Instrucor 

Renee's newest fitness venture is Zumba! She is available for classes, parties and fundraisers and has licenses for *Zumba, *Aqua Zumba and *Zumbatomic which is Zumba for kids.

Extreme Mind Power:
    Meditation and Guided Visualization have innumerable benefits. Renée’s Guided Visualizations will help you to make changes and follow through with your goals. They will also help you to decrease stress and relax. Her revolutionary “Breakthrough” program will address your specific needs and put you and keep you on the road to success.
Eat to Cheat: A Weight Loss Plan That Fits Into Every Lifestyle
    After years of helping people to lose weight, Renée has finally put out an E-Book and Audiobook that explains her principles. Her approach is not a diet. It is a series of easy to implement lifestyle changes that work in losing and keeping weight off.
Cellulite Expert Renée Feldman Headrick
    Renée shows the secrets to reducing cellulite after proving her methods on TV. Her knowledge about this subject, has helped many people, many of whom are raving about the success of her techniques. She has also has had great success with ideas about Conquering Cellulite.
“Renée created a program for me that gave me muscle tone I never imagined I could achieve. She also trained me during my first pregnancy and after delivery, my body was back to normal in 3 weeks.”

Anita C.
San Diego, CA

"Renée is awesome! She helps you find ways to fit fitness into your life in many small ways - and you don't have to spend hours in the gym. She customizes a workout just for you which includes activities you enjoy and give you results, but that don't cause you pain. I've been injured working out with other people who call themselves 'trainers' but Renée NEVER has you do anything that is beyond your fitness level or that could hurt you. Renée is the REAL DEAL. Her education and experience make all the difference."

Ariane Benefit, Bloomfield, NJ
 Renée Feldman Headrick, B.S., M.A. - Exercise Physiologist
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