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Renée Feldman Headrick can provide individual training strategies.
Renée Feldman Headrick will adjust your workout regime for what ever level of fitness you are seeking to  achieve.
Renée Feldman Headrick is an Exercise Physiologist with special skills to help you understand your body's needs.
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The NoTimeFitness Philosophy

In our time crunched and incredibly hectic society, it seems impossible to fit in an adequate amount of exercise. Most people take an all or nothing approach to fitness, spending either hours of time at the gym (the minority), or putting exercise aside because they have "no time" (most of us). No Time Fitness strives to help busy people fit exercise into their lives.

The Benefits of Exercise

The single most effective thing you can do to turn back the clock is Exercise. Both physically and mentally, exercise can help to reverse or manage many of the conditions and diseases associated with getting older.

  1. Improve the Cardiovascular system: -decrease blood pressure: Many people gain weight as they get older. An increase in blood pressure is assocaited with this. Exercise helps to create a calorie deficit which facilitates weight loss. As weight decreases, blood pressure often does also. -decrease resting heart rate: Aerobic exercise helps the heart to pump out more blood with each beat, therefore your heart is working more efficiently. -decrease chlolesterol and LDL (the "bad" blood lipid) and increase HDL (the "good" blood lipid): some people on cholesterol lowering medication may be able to get off their medication through exercise and dietary changes.

  2. Improve Circulation: Exercise helps to improve circulation which leads to improved hearing, and increase in hair and nail growth and a decrease in muscle aches and spasms.

  3. Increase balance and coordination: Better balance and coordination helps to decrease the incidence of falls.

  4. Osteoporosis protection: Weight bearing exercise helps to increase bone density which helps to delay or prevent osteoporosis. The University of Arizona did studies that show that the exercises must use heavy weight. Walking is not enough.

  5. Prevent Diabetes Progression: A 5 year study sponsered by branches of the National Institutes of Health showed that more exercise and less dietary fat can cut the chance of getting diabetes more than drugs can. 1 in 5 people are obese in this country with 1 in 14 diabetic. The weight increase contributed to a parallel rise in diabetes. High blood glucose is believed to be a precursor to diabetes, which is a major cause of blindness, kidney and nerve disfunction, limb amputation, acceleration of heart disease and stroke. The good news is that just a moderate change in lifestyle with an incease in physical activity of 25 minutes a day can prevent 58% of the cases of diabetes.

  6. Exercise is a behavior based therapy: A JAMA review noted that exercise along with other behavior therapies may help chronic fatique syndrome. Behavioral therapies, exercise amoung them, also help to treat heart disease and multiple sclerosis.

  7. Exercise increase Lean Body Mass (muscle!): Strength training increases muscle mass. Muscle is more metabolically demanding than fat, therefore, the increase in muscle increases your resting metabolism.
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