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Renée Feldman Headrick, B.S., M.A. - Exercise Physiologist Magical Mind Body

The Many Benefits of Guided Visualization and Meditation

  1. Reduce Stress and your reaction to many of the things that "stress you out"
  2. Lower Blood Pressure and Resting Heart rate
  3. Improved Concentration and Focus for Work, Play and Sports
  4. Enhance Physical Performance
  5. Increased tolerance to Pain and Discomfort

What is Meditation
After reviewing many definitions, the consensus is that it is a state of mindfulness. We clear our minds of extraneous thoughts and leave it open to remain in the moment with focus.

Visualization involves going into a deep state of relaxation, and then picturing, in your "mind's eye" whatever it is you are trying to achieve (weight loss, inner peace, dissipation of pain, better fitness, ect…).

We all experience meditative states from time to time through prayer, peaceful walks and when we quiet our mind.

Magical Mind Body Breakthrough Program
Magical Mind Body wants to help you make meditation and guided visualization a part of your daily routine. This unique method will enable you to quickly learn and integrate the power of meditation and guided visualization into your life.
Here's how it goes:

*You will complete a highly detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire may be faxed, mailed or E-Mailed to you for you to complete at your own convenience.

*Upon receipt of your questionnaire, Renée will review your answers with you. This may be done over the phone or in person if you live in San Diego.

*Renée will then create both a morning and evening Guided Visualization made especially and specifically for you. Both are approximately 15 minutes in length. So easy to fit into your life! Just one less snooze per morning and a wonderful way to drift off to sleep.

Renée lectures and does workshops on this information. The participants all receive a generalized morning and evening meditation/guided visualization.

See the "Services Offered" page for order information.

Renée has formally been presenting her program at business workshops and her Guided Visualizations made for general use have been selling out.

The following Guided Visualizations are available now:

Morning Meditation (best seller!)
A great way to start your day. This guided visualization provides you with a space to set up a perfect and prosperous day.

Evening Meditation (great companion to the Morning Meditation) This visualization sets up a scene in which you can “let go” of the day and sleep peacefully.

Embrace Success
More people fear success than failure. Learn to embrace success and get past your fears.

Renée’s Experience in Meditation and Guided Visualization
The gift of guided visualization and meditation entered Renée’s life at the young age of 16. This is when she began studying with a Master teacher once a week for over 2 years. After this, she pursued studying the metaphysical arts by taking many workshops and classes and refined her skills as both a student and teacher of guided visualization. This skill helped her immensely as a competitive bodybuilder, dancer and instructor in health and fitness. She is especially noted by her clients for her soothing and rhythmic voice.

Magical Mind Body Audio Products

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Here’s what people are saying about the Breakthrough Program:

“I met Renée at a very intense business seminar where she taught exercise and relaxation. I really felt awful that morning from information overload and she literally took a bad headache away from me. She is truly fabulous at what she does and she has a soothing effect on you that I had not experienced before.”
Betty B. Palm Springs

“Renée’s guided imagery technique has helped me to get my thoughts and goals back on track. Her voice is both soothing and strengthening and that, coupled with her intuitiveness makes for a powerful tool.”
P.C. San Diego
 Renée Feldman Headrick, B.S., M.A. - Exercise Physiologist
 6549 Mission Gorge Rd. #216, San Diego, CA 92120
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